Saturday, May 16, 2009

......Charming things

So this week I have been on a trip to visit my grandma in Sonora California, and we took a drive over to this little town James Town. And they have the cutest shops with the nicest people. This one particular shop called Cathrine's is an adorable tea shop with hundreds of tea sets, tea cups, tea, basically everything relating to tea :) And this other little shop, I have forgotten the name, had a little garden outside with lots of bird things, cages ,and feeders. And birds have their nests in the trees and were attacking me! I started yelling "The birds! The birds!" (like in Alfred Hitchcock's movie) And my mom was so surprised, here is a picture.....

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lina said...

what a neat place! i want to go! & i want to buy bird things!!!

that pboto of auntie cracked me up!! haha. she's too cute. lol.