Tuesday, October 20, 2009

......Been away so long

Oh my, I have not posted in ages. I have been so busy! I just returned from a trip to San Fransisco/Foster City and have been out trying to get a job. I don't have many pictures because I was using my film camera and not my digital camera, so once I figure out my scanner I will hopefully have some to post. For now here are some of the pictures my mom took :) (Also, I'm sorry my pictures are small, I don't know how to upload them any bigger)

My cousin Donise and I
Donise, mom, me.
Me taking a picture
I look so tiny

My mom and I
I just love these stairs don't you? San Fransisco, such beautiful architecture!

I just have to see this movie. Maybe tomorrow......

I love these shoes. And I just applied to work at our new Foever21 so I might just buy them.

I am thinking of dying my hair this color,
Henna of course.

I am loving Tokio hotel's brand new album, especially in the german version.

And I'm super excited to have found vegan white chocolate chips! Here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ok this has got to be the most amazing beautiful thing I have ever seen, this woman...WOW. Such talent! (they are in Russian if you didn't know)


My photography teacher had a field trip of sorts up to this amazing ruins where almost every inch of it is covered in graffiti, it's beautiful! My camera battery died (as I said in my previous post my camera is on it's last leg) and there was plenty more to shoot, so I plan to go back.

There were tons of doorways and underground tunnels and passages and drop offs everywhere, and when you walk through this doorway there is this room filled with paint cans and all sorts of things and to the left is a ladder that goes up to the second level, and let me tell you, to get back down it took me like 10 mins to work up the courage! Lol, it was a wide gap for little ol me from the ledge to the ladder.

Strange stairways the seem to lead to nowhere, kind of like the Winchester mystery house haha.

And my personal favorite.

No clue what this might have been.

There were about three areas of structures and in one of them there were three levels and the last had a bunch of these little pools.

Love the colors here.