Tuesday, October 20, 2009

......Been away so long

Oh my, I have not posted in ages. I have been so busy! I just returned from a trip to San Fransisco/Foster City and have been out trying to get a job. I don't have many pictures because I was using my film camera and not my digital camera, so once I figure out my scanner I will hopefully have some to post. For now here are some of the pictures my mom took :) (Also, I'm sorry my pictures are small, I don't know how to upload them any bigger)

My cousin Donise and I
Donise, mom, me.
Me taking a picture
I look so tiny

My mom and I
I just love these stairs don't you? San Fransisco, such beautiful architecture!

I just have to see this movie. Maybe tomorrow......

I love these shoes. And I just applied to work at our new Foever21 so I might just buy them.

I am thinking of dying my hair this color,
Henna of course.

I am loving Tokio hotel's brand new album, especially in the german version.

And I'm super excited to have found vegan white chocolate chips! Here.

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