Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

......The relaxing chair

I just got this awesome chair and I've been wanting one forever! They are soooo comfortable and great for reading or just relaxing, I'm sorry the picture isn't that great but you get an idea of how it looks. I will probably end up taking a more nicely photographed picture when I've got it all situated the way I want it.

......Lovely pins

Vintage shopping today, my friend Arianna bought me this adorable and unique pin of what I'd like to think of as close friends all walking with linked arms :)
And I loved these umbrella and bow pins, I think they will make very cute additions to whatever I discover I can put them on :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

......Photography class

So today was my very first photography class in my fall semester at my community collage, which I had a very stressful couple of months trying to get into but finally did by the fact that someone dropped out at the last minute. Well I was very nervous this morning and early afternoon thinking about things like, what if he is a boring teacher, what if I'm super shy and mess up and am the worst in the class, what if...What if... I always stress myself over things. But then I entered the class room to a very welcoming, humorous, un intimidating, older man who I think I will enjoy learning from the next few months. Also I am among about 14 other people all of which include a variety of age groups, and consists of 13 girls and one guy. Lol. I think I'll enjoy myself in this class, and I can't wait to learn all that I can about photography as it is my passion and you can never learn too much :)

.....New vintage finds

So at my second favorite vintage store the other day I found these finds, a faux (I'm 99.9% positive it's not real, I hope I'm right) Alligator handbag from the 40's or maybe 50's for 3$ knocked down from 20$ and this amazing cream crochet jacket made by Talbots so I'm not sure how old it is, I think it might have been made to look retro instead of actually being a vintage piece. But it is super comfortable and is so pretty :) Oh and it was only 15$!

Friday, August 21, 2009

.....Finally came!

Well this one sunny Saturday afternoon, my mom and my cousin Lina found this swimsuit with matching over shirt for me and knew instantly I would love it, but I couldn't buy it at the time because it was sabbath. I was so heartbroken all the rest of the day thinking I will never have that amazing 1950's vintage swimsuit.....And then later that day my mom told me she had asked the lady selling it if she would save it for me until I could buy it from her, and she did! So anyway I have been waiting and it finally came in the mail today! I have absolutely nowhere to take pictures of me wearing it that even remotely resembles a beach so you'll have to make due with my room :-P

......Have you smiled today?

You will now :) This reminds me of you Lina! I just love these two, and also the movie 500 Days of Summer!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

......Desert days

We went out into the desert today, and really didn't expect to find anyone out there, so we were out on some old iron fence and this big truck came driving up and so I thought hey some dirt biking guys must be unloading their bikes to ride and then some man got out and was staring at us and then started approaching us and we started flipping out and he then started talking to us saying we were on his property and then he said it was ok and that it was creative and kept going on and on and wouldn't leave, and we were super nervous and finally he left and we high tailed it out of there. So that was an experience. But today was THEE BEST day ever, it all started with a Forever21 FINALLY opening where I live and they are hiring and then I got 4 pairs of super cheap cute sandles for 4.98$ and 3.74$ yes that cheap, at Target. And a purple dress and some pjs and things at Gap and all for about roughly 45$ all together. So I got that shopping high you get when you get deals haha. And then if my day couldn't get any better, my moms old good friend who lives in New York sent me two huge packages full of photography things for developing and things I would of had to buy for my class this fall, and lenses, and another camera! I was SUPER EXCITED omigoodness. I looked so goofy all smiling hugely :) (Pictures asap)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

......Living art

Well, today our high hopes for a photoshoot were crushed, but I did get some amazingly hot pictures of my cousin :) Oh and there just happened to be some guys out in their yard looking very amused while they stared and hollered at us. Haha.


Me and my cousin Raquel had a fun photoshoot the other day, in our new vintage finds, her 1950's one piece "dress", and my late 1950's early 1960's skirt, and we were pretty pleased with how the pictures came out, we were having so much fun trekking around the desert and trespassing on peoples yards! (no we don't usually do that, but really I don't think they would mind, it only sounds bad :P) We are planning one today also, so for now you can enjoy these. :)