Thursday, August 13, 2009

......Desert days

We went out into the desert today, and really didn't expect to find anyone out there, so we were out on some old iron fence and this big truck came driving up and so I thought hey some dirt biking guys must be unloading their bikes to ride and then some man got out and was staring at us and then started approaching us and we started flipping out and he then started talking to us saying we were on his property and then he said it was ok and that it was creative and kept going on and on and wouldn't leave, and we were super nervous and finally he left and we high tailed it out of there. So that was an experience. But today was THEE BEST day ever, it all started with a Forever21 FINALLY opening where I live and they are hiring and then I got 4 pairs of super cheap cute sandles for 4.98$ and 3.74$ yes that cheap, at Target. And a purple dress and some pjs and things at Gap and all for about roughly 45$ all together. So I got that shopping high you get when you get deals haha. And then if my day couldn't get any better, my moms old good friend who lives in New York sent me two huge packages full of photography things for developing and things I would of had to buy for my class this fall, and lenses, and another camera! I was SUPER EXCITED omigoodness. I looked so goofy all smiling hugely :) (Pictures asap)


lina said...

ohh my goodness that 5th photo of you is AMAZING!!!

lina said...

& i can't believe you have a forever 21!!