Wednesday, July 22, 2009

......On hot afternoons

I love free stuff, don't you love free stuff? It's always such a thrill to get free stuff! Well it just so happens that Victorias Secret gave me a coupon for free panties and 10$ off a purchase, in which case I bought their lip plumper, yep the one that tingles your lips (hehe love it) So I thought I'd share that with you, along with a couple of shirts I got thrifting the other day. You know, I really enjoy immensly looking at all the talented blogs that people put together wearing their lovely outfits, It's such an inspiration! I do have a bit of a clothes fettish. I am thinking that I might possibly have to start my own. Hmmm but as to what background, that is the problem, living in the the desert with nothing around but dirt and dry tan bushes......Sure puts a damper on things.

As I metioned, no good background material, so I sat on my grass (the only somewhat green thing in site) to take a picture of myself in my new asian symbol top (I wonder if it says anything....)


layia said...

What lovely pins! Nice asian top as well. I don't know what it says though ^^;

lina said...

yay!! free stuff!! woo hoo! nice photos hun! :]