Sunday, September 13, 2009

.....Balloon races

Woke up this morning about 5:40am and went out to see the balloon races we have every year, this was the sunrise.
The first balloon rising.
The second balloon,
And both of them together.
More are catching up!

The sun rising higher in the early morning sky

The first balloon up in the air, with the American flag hung and "Oh Say Can You See" Playing loudly

Filling up the balloon with big fans

They are all popping up rapidly at this point
I think this is my favorite picture

Oh how I wanted to go up in one of them!

See the flame?

A tunnel we went through that looked creepy
Especially with that guy at the end, and with the lighting!

A flower I found laying on the ground and decided to pick up, isn't it interesting?


lina said...

ohhh my goodness wendy!!! this is amazing! i want to go see this sometime. it's truely full of magic and whimsy!

Dylana said...

Beautiful picks! Lovely blog!