Friday, September 25, 2009

.....Tree house wedding

This has got to be the most adorably, creative, whimsical, enchanting, wedding I have ever seen.


lina said...

oh my goodness oh my goodness!! i don't know what to say. it was....


lina said...

yeah he does! aha.
man. i want this guy to be my photographer at my wedding!

lina said...

ooo! the place the wedding was at is right near seattle! you love seattle right?? check here:

&& the cutest video from the wedding is here:

the blog also includes everything they had in the wedding & where they got it.

lina said...

ok haha stalker status i know, but here is the bride's blog:

& the groom's (he has a vegetarian & some vegan blog!!):

i thought you'd might enjoy!