Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today we spent in Sonoma, shopping and eating super yummy Mexican food.
We found this little candy shop that had all sorts of retro candy and nic-nacks, and also we went to a fair trade store called Bakseesh where I got a cute little sheep and some mini books.
 At the restaurant, for appetizers, we had spicy baby artichokes with tequila dipping sauce and sopas filled with a creamy mushroom filling, and then I had the grilled veggies with fried plantains, Lina got the black bean taquitos and my uncle got fish tacos (where he randomly said, "Jesus would like this fish!" lol) 
Afterwards they got ice cream and I got an irish cream truffle.


Dhu said...

That little sheep is so cute!
I could spend hours in any given candy store, easily. Unfortunatly, the people I am with will generally pull me out after 20 minutes or so. I really like just looking at all the packages.

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

Miiam looks yummy :D

Ansley said...

Cocktail weenies bubble gum. haha so cute!
& that food looks delicious! I'm sure Jesus would like it. ha
cute panda, too. looks like fun :)