Wednesday, March 31, 2010

....Fort making

Yesterday was quite eventful, me and Lina decided to have a crafting day. We started out by decorating some totes that had previous "distractions" on them. :) They now have pockets.
Lina's is the one with the birds on it, and mine has two sides.(I wanted to draw a mustache)
And then we made a fort! And we wore "where the wild things are" crowns that Lina made :)

And then we went to The House of Prime Rib for my uncles birthday.
(and being vegan all I had was two pina coladas)


Hope Chella said...

I love this! It looks like so much fun :)


Daniel said...

I like the crowns :) nice fort

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

yay for forts! i also loooooove the upcycled tote bags! wonderful idea, doll!

Every Little Counts said...

ah, you did it! i've been wanting to make a fort for so long but i never get around to it. i love it!