Tuesday, March 9, 2010

......Vintage shopping

Today me and my friend Lauren went to a great vintage clothing exchange store called Junkee to discover her retro style. She found two nice dresses but only ended up buying the black one, I personally liked the colorful one from the 40's.
I found a great black dress but it was a vintage size 10 and I am a 12, so it was a tiny bit too small (you can see from the back shot) And a peach 50's skirt which I already own one very similar.The only thing I bought were these cute spring-picnic-y-gloves for 5$

Then we went to a fun hippie store and found some totally awesome beanie hats, I wanted mine so much! But 32$ was a bit steep for my wallet at the moment. 
Also there was a whole corner dedicated to incense, mmmm!


lina said...

ohhh my goodness i am so jealous! i want to go to junkee!!! i miss that place. & i have a bag of clothes to sell to them : )
i LOVE the gloves. picnic time! & bicycle with basket riding time!
omg i would go crazy buying insence in that store! you must take me next time. for sure.
i've been wanting a knit hat with ears!! so cute : )

Dhu said...

Mmm, vintage shopping, my favourite. It's a pity most of my friends don't like spending one or two (Or five) hours in a store filled with tacky, old dresses.

madeleine said...

What a beautiful, gorgeous black dress! I love the rosettes! This is a fantastic blog you have here, I'm following! I too, am in LOVE with vintage shopping... although it can get me into a lot of financial trouble most times. The price we have to pay, I guess.

Stay classy love!

layia said...

aww! i want to go vintage shopping! i don't know anyone who would like to go with me though. my mom, sure but i want to tag a friend along! lol. i love that black dress!

My Life Is A Mess said...

You can't easily find vintage stores here.I'm so jealous.And those hats are awsome!
Love the chicken one soo badly!

Patricia Snook said...

Oh wow! I'm a HUGE vintage lover and I adore these finds. You must have had so much fun! Have a fab week, you've got such a cute blog, I'll be back!


raquel said...

oh my goodness! Love it! Incense (: mmmmmm. you must take me there. Hippie Society!!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

you have such pretty eyes and kind of resemble kate winslet!

looks like a fun time!