Thursday, March 4, 2010

.....New things

Me and blogging have commitment issues. So sorry for the lack of posts. Also I was sick the last few days, I had a cold from going up to Tahoe in the cold snow. So this post will be of things that have happened this week, for instance I got this cute outfit at Forever21 yesterday and can't wait till I can wear it :) I found these yummy munchie nuts that are SO GOOD you simply must try them. I found an organic non tested on animals mascara I can't wait to try. I made a new recipe for stir fri, with tofu, shiitake mushrooms and baby bok choy with an asian gingery sauce. So yummy! 
(Here we are at a sushi bar in Tahoe, best sushi I ever had!)
Yeah I'm super short. Haha.
My goofy friends :)


lina said...

wowee! you went to tahoe? aww i want to go!
that mascera looks crazy cool! not at all like mascera! haha.
cute outfit! (it's from f21, right?)

Cookie Cutter said...

Cute photos! Looks like so much fun. Love stir fry! Your dish looks so much like a nice home-cooked asian meal :)

Mika said...

Fun pics you made and great reading your blog. Mika