Thursday, March 18, 2010

......Pandas and lacy jeans

I like to sew various things together and tear things apart and add fabrics and such to my clothes, even though I hate to sew (yes, sorry it's confusing for me too) but I like to make them unique.
(as you saw in my earlier post about my patched jeans). 
I did these lacy ones not long ago, and I paired them with my favorite WWF panda tee shirt. :)

My cats love it when I take pictures, they are always close by watching and trying to get attention. 
This is Heidi my oldest kitty. :)


Mr. Cadaverous said...

:) the adds from google on your blog are for giant pandas and jeans :) lol I told you they wouldn't put adds up you didn't want

lina said...

oooo! i like! you are coming in a week!!!!!

Dhu said...

Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh.
Lace. Jeans.
Genius. Wonderful, beautiful, genius.
(And pandas, awesome.)

Hat said...

awww such a fluffy cat! heidi is one of my favourite names!