Friday, March 26, 2010

.....San Fransisco

So I arrived in Cali yesterday at my cousin Lina's collage for her last day before Spring break, we sat outside on a bench between her classes and took photos while some guys played football. Then we had lunch at her awesome campus food center where they have like every food under the sun, I had sushi :) We ate Lychee Asian gummie candy and then sat in her giant library to watch the rain outside.
Today we went to San Fransisco to eat at an amazing vegan/vegetarian restaurant and go thrifting. I ate soooooooo much I felt like I had food quadruplets! We didn't have the best luck while thrifting, but she did get a game of "how to host a murder" and a book, I got a tote bag to sew things onto and a black vintage blouse that I got for 1.47$ (I think the tag actually said 11.47$ but I wasn't about to correct her!) 

Day Two. San Fransisco.

These last two pictures are from Lina.


Mr. Cadaverous said...

that food looks super good! and how do you always find good deals on clothes?

My Life Is A Mess said...

hahaha.I would do the same!
You had fun,huh?
You've been tagged.You can check my blog if you want!