Sunday, March 14, 2010


Today I had an adventure taking photos of my friend for his experimental gothic blog  project.
We were sort of at a loss for ideas of how to go about the posing/composition of the pictures, and spent a lot of the time fooling around in my back yard and on my roof.
Then we went driving about downtown looking for inspiration and came across an old abandoned brick building where we proceeded to romp around and shoot a few pictures, then we noticed a cop had showed up and was watching us (creepy) so we wrapped it up and came to find that we were trespassing (oops) 
and we were glad we didn't get in trouble.
Haha, yeah this wasn't posed I just thought it was funny.

During our brainstorming in my backyard he helped my dad with his bike and played with my kitty
I swear no effects were used, this randomly happened and we thought it was pretty neat. And humorous.
So yeah, check out his blog and trust me he isn't as scary as he looks. :)


Mr. Cadaverous said...

haha I love the picture of me hanging off the roof! and thanks for posting a link to my blog :)

Mika said...

Great pictures, love the one with the broken mirror.
Mika (

Dhu said...

Ohhh, the one with the broken mirror is beyond fantastic.
The one where he is haning upside down is also pretty wonderful.