Friday, March 19, 2010

....Free as a bird

I went thrifting the other day and found this amazing gauzy skirt and I only paid 80 cents for it, yes seriously.
This is without a doubt my new favorite skirt, it's super comfy, lightweight, and fun.
So I went romping around in my yard to take pictures of it, I didn't quite capture it the way I wanted, but that is what I get for taking the photos in my backyard. Haha. 
Also I'm wearing my "where the wild things are" Urban Outfitters top.
Heidi again :)


Dhu said...

Shut up. You did not just find a skirt that is that awesome for 80 cents. I'm in complete awe.

Also, a 'where the wild things are' shirt? Double awe.

madeleine said...

Gorgeous pictures lady!! I'm quite jealous of your outfit, especially your Where the WIld Things are tee!

stay classy love

Catherine said...

80 cents? gaaaah! This is so lovely and free - I especially love the last three photos!