Sunday, March 7, 2010

......Colours of the rainbow

I was shopping at World Market today and I saw this little ribbon mobile and I just had to have it! Isn't it amazing? I love looking at it, it makes me happy :) 
Also more exciting news, I took these pictures with my new camera I have been wanting/needing for ages. It is simply amazing and I am even more excited because I got it on clearance for only 193.00$ !! 
It was the display camera and was the last in stock (I am usually against buying the display model, but this one is in good shape and when you're poor....) It's originally about 300+ $
Today was a very good shopping day. I also bought a few clothing items that will be in outfit posts soon. :)


lina said...

OMG!!! you got THE camera?! & it was only $193??! wow. that is amazing.
i LOVE this rainbow mobile! it's so you! maaan i want one now... how much??

Dhu said...

Ohh, that rainbow mobile is fantasic. It would be lovely to have that hanging up somewhere that you look often, I would smile everytime I saw it.

unschoolermom said...

Very fun!


Diya said...

cuuuuute mobile! I'm also jealous of your new camera.. mine's a crappy camera bought for $80... hehe.

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