Thursday, September 30, 2010


Right before I left, my aunt showed me all the neat beads she has, so I put a few in my hair. =)
Also, just bought these shoes today, I haven't bought new wedges in so long! I am excited.
Oh and this recent buy, velvet skirt from Forever21 I saw in their really neat new blogger shop section.
P.S. When I click the little "insert image" icon when editing a post, it pops up  just a white screen and won't let me upload any photos, anyone else having this problem?? Do you know how to fix it??


lina said...

your hair is so awesome!! is it heavy with all of those beads??
you look different somehow! lol. i like it.
cute top(s?).
miss you!!

Hope Adela said...

that sequin top is fabulous, and i love what you've done with your hair! =)

Constance said...

Wow you are a beauty! Love your top and your gorgeous hair.