Friday, September 10, 2010

......Old town Louisville

We went to check out old Louisville the other day, and it was really beautiful with all the rows and rows down streets of charming houses, all so unique and colorful with their beautiful architecture. 
And the best part was the tour we got to take of the most beautiful house, well mansion, in all of Louisville. 
The Conrad-Caldwell house.

 This is your warning, this is a long photo post....... :)

Old church
The lamp posts had real flames in them
The floors were amazing, made of 7 different kinds of wood. 
This fireplace is made out of marble, and was shipped over from Europe along with most all the other furniture in the house from Mrs.caldwells 6 month excursion to Europe strictly for the purpose of furnishing her home. 
The wallpaper throughout was awesome. 
Little personal salt and tiny spoon.
This pink room was Mrs.caldwell's  
This is Mr.caldwell's room.
Old vacuum cleaner
The maids room. 
Their daughters room 
A self portrait the daughter drew of herself, and her wedding dress, she had a 17 inch waist.  
Mr.caldwell's office.
The house under construction back in the 1800's


Petunia said...

amaaazing post!! love all the architecture & photos :)

lina said...

omg! so beautiful! i love the house under the old church photo. i love ALL of the wallpaper. everything kind of reminds me of a jane austen novel (but a little later time period). i love your new music by the way : )
what is it?

lina said...
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