Tuesday, December 14, 2010

......Large sweater

One of two I found thrifting the other day.

I love over sized sweaters.

Don't you?

It is so incredibly windy today, I'm amazed I didn't blow away.

It is also the reason I won't be able to photograph the dreamcatchers I wanted to add to my shop today, I made about 11, so once they are all up I will post about them.


Anonymous said...

I love your outfit!
Love the music too, Heavy in Your Arms by Florence is one of my favorites.

Kat said...

Indeed oversized sweaters are adorable.
The fit you perfect,they are so warm and cozy that it feels like they hug your body!
And your tights are beautiful too.
This colour is one of my favorites!

lina said...

wow. you look awesome. like really. :D

lina said...

oh & the florence song really goes with the photos/outfit/poses!

Constance said...

Nice jumper!