Friday, December 3, 2010

.......Tricky haircut

Today I went in for a haircut, well, a trim. 

But when the lady went to frame my face, I told her an inch, maybe two, and she cut about SIX.
You can imagine my horror as my hair dropped to the floor and I realized it couldn't be fixed.....

The result? I actually, surprisingly, like.  
It doesn't look freakishly weird that the front length differs drastically from the back, it's actually kind of pretty.

And oh so voluminous! So I can't complain.  

And now I know what I look like with short hair, and I think I like it.



Kat (My Life Is A Mess) said...

Wear it well!
I do like your new haircut!
And I have experienced this many times.
It seems that hairdressers are so passionate about cutting people's hair that they just can't stop!
Maybe they were taught to do so in the school!

Charlene said...

I like it! You are so brave!

lina said...

: )
makes me happy & excited.

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

you're so beautiful x hivennn.