Saturday, March 19, 2011

......Sushi days

If you didn't already know, I love sushi, I love making it and I love eating it.
I made some with tempura asparagus, cucumber, vegan cream cheese and tomago yaki, which is an asian seasoned omelet like egg thingy. (yes I'm vegan but I eat eggs on occasion only if they are from my neighbor or a local farm where I know the chickens were not harmed in any way and are happy free roaming chickens)




lina said...

omg wendy! it looks so good! yummm. i want sushi now.

Anonymous said...

I love sushi also!

Bhakti Omwoods said...

OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR DREAMCATCHERS and the sushi. Sorry about the caps I'm too excited. How about I invite myself over for dinner at your place haha <3

I'm going to go get lost in your Etsy now. Love the music you got going on here too. Oooh.

Charleston said...