Tuesday, February 2, 2010

....Paint splatters

I love clothes with paint on them, and so I decided to do a little DIY artsy project. Plus I just happened to have some spare paint laying around and a comfy white tee. It turned out to be really fun and calming so I'm planning on doing this again, and I want to experiment more.(Also I'm not sure how much I like this one yet, it was my first try and I went a little overboard. I want a simpler design. I like the back of the shirt more for an example.) Time to hit the thrift store for more shirts!


lina said...

how fun! i love the photos.

yeah... i'm not sure how to make them bigger either :/

layia said...

i love your paint splattered shirt! what kind of paint did you use?

as for the photos, did you update to the new editor? there you can choose what size you want your images to be. for example, when i click on an uploaded photo, it gives me options like small, med, large, x-large and whether i want it centered, to the right, etc. hah. sorry, that was a bit lengthy