Friday, February 12, 2010

......Valentine's day box

So my church has an annual Valentine's day box auction to raise money for various things, and I make a box and fill it with vegan goodies every year and this year I had my friend Lauren over to help. These are a few pictures of the fun we had (and ate!) I usually get about 30$ for my box, but this year I am aiming higher! Possibly 50? I hope so, now that I have joined forces.
We had vegan enchiladas for our lunch break. Yum :)

Piles of sprinkles, sugar cookies, red velvet cupcakes and frosted brownie hearts.


Every Little Counts said...

those enchiladas look amazing... and the cookies too, of course!

layia said...

i hope you reached your goal! yummy sweets!

lina said...

these are so cute! i love them, especially the little heart cookies : ) adorable. i can't wait to see the painted box too!