Monday, February 15, 2010

......Uncovering memories

I was looking through some photos I took of my cousin last year, it reminded me so much of summer and what fun we had. I thought I'd post a few of my faves.


layia said...

lovely photos! i can't wait for summer!

layia said...

it's your template. your 'outer wrapper' most likely is too narrow for bigger photos. you could edit the html, change the width.

i don't mind lengthy comments at all!

PS is acrylic permanent? would it stay put on the shirt? i thought you could wash it out

Diya said...

beautiful summery pics!

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layia said...

this is going to be

go to costumize (link before 'signout'). it will take you to your layout section. click on 'edit html' and you'll see all these html codes...i don't really know much but keep scrolling down until you see "OUTERWRAPPER"

there you'll see outer wrapper, main-wrapper and sidebar wrapper. before you change anything, i suggest copying all the codes to a document just in case you mess up some things. so yeah, experiment with the width. right now, my outer wrapper witdh is 900px, main-wrapper width is 710px while sidebar width is 180px. if you want, you can try that one just to see how it would change your layout. after seeing how it changes, you can again change the width to make your blog wider.

hope that helps!

Miri said...

Such amazing photos! I wish I had cool photography skills like that =D

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Mr. Cadaverous said...

I love your pictures.. you always have the coolest ones

nuheila said...

Beautiful pictures!!!Like them a lot:)


Alix said...

How great are these. I have been having great positive thoughts of past summers. and i am now just dying for it to be summer. great blog. happy to have found it.